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Our Obscure Products

Bi-Cannes Obscure

Bi-Cannes Obscure is a double surface etched pattern, low iron glass.

Cannes Obscure

Cannes Obscure is a single surface etched pattern, low iron glass.

Etch Obscure

Etch obscure provides a smooth, satin type surface.

Etch-Low Iron Obscure

Low Iron Etch Obscure has a nice satin finish, on low iron glass.

Fuzzy Obscure

Fuzzy Obscure is a single surface etched pattern, low iron glass.

Gluechip (Rolled) Obscure

Similar to Gluechip, Rolled Gluechip as a slightly more polished look.

Gluechip Obscure

An old favorite gluechip obscure has an almost a fern like pattern.

GNA Obscure

GNA obscure is also referred to as New German Antique.

Narrow Reed Obscure

Narrow Reed obscure has also been referred to as Fluted.

Niagra Obscure

Niagra or Rain obscure is a beautiful pattern depicting water running down glass.

Orchid Obscure

Orchid Obscure has a nice flowery pattern.

Pattern 62 Obscure

Pattern 62 obscure is a common pattern glass seen almost everywhere.

Seedy Reamy Obscure

With swirls and bubbles Seedy Reamy Obscure will add a whimsical tone to most applications.

Spraylite Obscure

Spraylite or Aquatex Obscure is often seen in patio furniture.

Surface Sandblast Obscure

Surface Sandblast Obscure provides a nice privacy screen.

Surface Sandblast-Low Iron Obscure

Surface Sandblast-Low Iron Obscure provides a nice privacy screen with less green tone.

Water Obscure

Water Obscure has a subtle wave pattern.

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