A Reputation Built On Quality And Service

Our Principles

We were founded on a core set of beliefs, and we believe those principles have helped carve our reputation to this day.

Quality Products

We believe we must do our best, to provide the highest quality products in the industry.  We take the extra steps, believe each piece stands on it's own, and stand proud of the products we produce.  We strive to have the "brightest" polish, hold the tightest tolerances, and inspect each piece numerous times for flaws and/or imperfections.  Our quality standards are high, and we realize these standards have helped us to earn the respect we have in the industry.


Friendly Service

Our staff, across the company, understand our customers are why we are here.  As a result, our customer service staff is able to take the time to create relationships with our customers.  We work hard to understand our customers' business, and what makes each unique.  Because of this, we are able to "tweak" our system to make business easier for our customers.  From placing orders, to special production instructions, to special delivery instructions.  If we can make it easier, our staff will do their best.




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