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ASTM C1048 Standards

We attempt to maintain ASTM C1048 standards when tempering products.  This standard was established as a guideline for tempering products within certain specifications.  We will, on occasion, temper products requested by customers outside of these specifications.  When we do temper products outside the ASTM C1048 guidelines, Fabricated Glass Specialties, inc. makes no warranty (expressed or implied) on those product, or the fitness for their end use.


ANSI Z97.1 2009 UA and CPSC 16 CFR 1201-II

Fabricated Glass Specialties, inc. tempers to both ANSI Z97.1 UA and CPSC CFR 1201-II specifications.  Frequent, regular quality controls ensure our products are tempered to the specifications within the mentioned guidelines.  When a "logo" is present on the glass, and combined with the receiving documentation, each piece meets the requirements of these certifications.



Tempering is a process in which the glass is heated to a specified temperature, and then rapidly cooled.  This process not only strengthens the glass, it provides a "safer" product in the event the piece fractures.  It is important to remember, glass can be a sharp product and care should be taken regardless of tempering or not.

Once a piece has been tempered, no other fabrication may be done to the piece.  Doing so, will affect the tempering properties.  It is important to remember this, when designing project with tempered glass.



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