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Custom Shower Enclosures

Custom Made

Working with only select customers, we have helped create some of the finest shower enclosure installations.  Our partners know how to design and specify some of the most unique enclosures available.  Once they have done their part, we work our magic.  Together, with our selected partners, the end users are assured each enclosure was created just for them.


Unique Requirements

Fabricated Glass Specialties, inc. has built a valuable reputation in the glass industry, for creating high-quality custom glass.  Utilizing the knowledge, abilities and craftsmanship we are known for, unique installations are ones we take pride in.  Our creations range from fully enclosed, steam shower installations to glass panels shaped to match the mountain range seen from an adjoining window, and everything in between.


Low Maintenance Coatings

How do you keep your custom shower installation from showing age?  We have a number of low maintenance coatings available.  Each coating can be applied before the pieces leave our facility, ensuring your products are treated before the first application.  With various levels of products, we can tailor a protection and warranty period to the end users taste.

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