A Reputation Built On Quality And Service

Custom Fabrication

Pattern Work

Working to customer's pattern is second nature to us. Be the pattern wood, cardboard, paper or a digital file such as .dxf.  We have the ability to CNC or create a work of art, by hand, by skilled craftsmen.  Tight tolerance requirements?  No problem, send us a hard pattern or .dxf and leave the details to us.


Hole Drilling

With various types of equipment. Drilling holes to your requirements is a breeze.  Are your holes covered?  Typically, our holes are ground into the glass, leaving a rough finish and some slight chips.  These are fine if the holes are covered in the final application.  In the event the hole is not covered, most larger holes we have the ability to finish to specifications.

Notches, Clamps, and Cut-Outs

Today's design imagination requires notches, clamps, cut-outs and configurations not seen before. Our experience has taught us quite a bit over the years.  We know what can and cannot be done, what is practical, and what is safe.  Combining all of these, we are able to create pieces which not only meet our customers' needs, but show true craftsmanship when they are complete.

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