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Patterns and Pattern Materials

Patterns: Our ability to match customer patterns is among the highest in the industry. However, our ability to match then end use may be limited by the pattern we receive. When customers take the time to create a pattern from a rigid material, the end result is a higher tolerance scale.  In addition, a pattern made with care, helps to ensure the final product fits as a customer expects.

Pattern Materials: Patterns made from paper products tend to stretch or distort the more they are handled. Because of this, and the numerous times a pattern is handled throughout our production process, patterns made from paper products require more open tolerances. Patterns made from rigid products such as; cardboard, poster board, pressboard, plywood or Masonite, help us create some of the tightest tolerance products.

Our Tolerance chart is a great tool to help assist customers in choosing a pattern material based on tolerance requirements.



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