A Reputation Built On Quality And Service

Fabricated Glass Specialties, inc. - Our Team

Our staff enjoys working with customers, and it shows.  There is a reason our customers love to call our office each day, if for nothing else than to just "check-in."

Striving for the best each day, the production staff focuses on ensuring each piece meets or exceeds customer's expectations.

Our transportation staff focuses on consistent on-time delivery. Utilizing safety standards and dedication to our customers needs, our transportation staff ensures the product arrives safely and ready for installation.

Our administrative staff is dedicated to ensuring invoicing is prompt and accurate.  With the same dedication to consistency and accuracy, our company is known for, they work with customers to make sure payments are easy.

Dedicated to keeping our production and transportation equipment performing, our maintenance staff excels at keeping our operations meeting on-time deliveries.

With a dedicated support staff, our executive staff is able to focus on planning, goal development, and most of all listening and working directly with our customers.

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