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Frequently Asked Questions

Does the ASTM C1048 standard mean you can't temper my piece?

ASTM 1048 was established to provide safe guidelines for certain glass products being installed in general building construction.  The ASTM C1048 recommends certain guidelines for the placement of holes, notches, and fabrication of tempered products.  By fabricating to these guidelines, we ensure our products will be safe in most final installations.  There may be times, when a customer requests (and we comply), fabrication of items outside of these guidelines.  Fabricated Glass Specialties, inc. makes no warranty and fabricates based on the customer assuming all responsibility for further outcome.  Items may be possible to fabricate outside these guidelines. However, we strongly recommend fabrication stay within the ASTM C1048 guidelines to be safe in most final applications. 

Your location is so far away, won't it take longer to get my product?

While it may be true, our main facility is in a small town in Southern Oregon, don't let this fool you.  On average, our products may only take one day longer to reach their destination.  With a fleet of delivery trucks covering the West Coast of the U.S.A., and distribution/manufacturing locations such as Fairfield, Ca., we are able to achieve lead-times comparable to most fabricators who may be closer.

I know exactly what I want, may I order direct?

We sell only to those within the trade.  We qualify all customers, before establishing a business relationship.
Please see this link, for a detailed explanation.

Why does my piece of Low Iron look different than the sample?

As a piece of glass gets bigger, the tint of color will become darker.  If you visualize a tropical ocean, close to shore (where the depth is shallow) the water is so clear you can see little color to the water.  However, as you look at a distance (where the depth is greater) the color of the water takes on a deeper shade of blue.  The greater the depth, the greater the tint or shade of color.
See our visual example page here

I have a glass pattern, may I send it to you for you to work from?

We do not accept glass patterns.  In the event, something happens to the pattern during transit or production, we no longer have a pattern to work from.  What we prefer is you make a pattern and retain the glass pattern to double check our piece in the event you find a discrepancy during installation.

We retain patterns for a period of 60 days, after which time patterns are destroyed unless requested differently.


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